Patterson also wrote “On examining his head, I found that a .303 bullet had smashed out one of his tusks, for the track of the bullet was left in the tooth stump. I must have given him a bad toothache the night he attacked.

The man-eaters of Tsavo

If you saw the movie “The Ghost And The Darkness” you’ll know something about the Tsavo man-eating lions. This is a story that has long fascinated me so I jumped at the opportunity while on a recent trip the USA to visit the Chicago Field Museum where these most famous lions now reside. For those...
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students for SUFG in the field

First NQF Level 2 Dangerous Game Site Guide Course For 2018

The first National Qualification Framework (NQF) Level 2 Dangerous Game Site Guide course to be conducted by the Sustainable Use and Field Guiding department started Monday 22 January with the arrival of its ten participants. They are a diverse and interesting mixture of students. Sam Beavers and Graham Scott hale from the USA. Matt Rogerson...
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News from Southern African Wildlife College Trust (SAWCT)

2017 represented the Trust’s 17th year in keen support of education in nature and wildlife conservation at the College. Highlights of the year included our AGM in July, attending the graduation of the HET students at the College in November, and the awarding of the highly-prized three SAWCT scholarships and two SAWCT bursaries for 2018. Our...
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Governance development at the Mayibuye Game Reserve

The Mayibuye Game Reserve (MGR) is in KwaZulu Natal Province and lies on the north eastern side of Camperdown, 45km from Durban and 40km from Pietermaritzburg on the N3, the main arterial road running from Durban to Johannesburg. The local community, the Ximba people, were awarded a land restitution claim in terms of a settlement...
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K9 Unit welcomes puppies

It’s hard to tell who is more proud of the 4 new arrivals (3 male, 1 female), mom V or Dog Master Johan van Straaten, who has high hopes for the pups. “The pups have already started training, getting socialised and used to people to build their confidence, and we’re about to start on tracking...
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News from the Southern African Wildlife College Trust

An opportunity not to be missed! The Trust spent two unforgettable days at the College to attend the “highlight event of the year”, the very special Wildlife Area Management student dinner, followed by the student graduation the next day. The College was a buzz of activity, and the students’ sense of whole-hearted excitement, pride and...
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Gawie's Field News

Gawie’s Field News, November 2017

It is mid-November and it seems rather likely that we are once again headed for a below average rainfall season. It started rather positively with some fairly good rains in September. We received a couple of small showers that got the grass going and then we had one good downpour that caused a few puddles...
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Founders Day Long Term Service Awards 2017

“Founder’s Day not only celebrates the day on which HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh unveiled the foundation stone of the Southern African Wildlife College in 1996,  but highlights the fact that every staff member has jointly played a role in the organisation’s success.” This was the message from Southern African Wildlife College CEO...
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Elna and Sboniso

What it means to be a mentor, by Elna de Beer

“Joining the college in January 2017 to take up mentoring of Sboniso Phakathi, the person who became responsible for the RISE Unit at the end of 2016, was a decision based on the SAWC CEO’s belief in the ability of a young team and the courage to formally introduce mentorship as an innovative management and...
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