Quality Management and Accreditation

Quality Management and Accreditation

The main responsibility of the unit is to maintain institutional registration as a Private Higher Education Institution and institutional accreditation with CATHSSETA, the Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority.

In order to maintain registration, the SAWC continues to fulfil the requirements of the Council on Higher Education by upholding the responsibilities of a registered institution as well as the processes required from a provider by CATHSSETA.

This makes SAWC a unique hybrid, as we present tertiary qualifications and well as vocational learning programmes. These learning programmes are critical to achievement of the ultimate learning outcome: the development of an occupational identity within a community of practice.

A key component in our training methodology is providing our students with opportunities to learn-by-doing. This applied learning strategy upturns the approach that is often ingrained in training institutions; train theory in the classroom and then provide an opportunity to apply this new knowledge in a practical environment. To this end, we are often reminded that the location of the SAWC is one of our key strengths. With this in mind learning is not limited to a classroom, in fact most of the memorable learning events take place in our natural environment.

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Quality Management and Accreditation

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