African Intergenerational Leadership Hub

The African Intergenerational Leadership Hub (AIGLH) aims to build intergenerational leadership capacity in the environmental sustainability and conservation arena. More particularly, it seeks to build leaders for the conservation sector of Africa who are able to work across the boundaries of generation, discipline and sector, with diverse stakeholders, elevating conservation as a key economic driver, for the benefit of all. AIGLH leadership programmes are focussed in Southern and East African conservation institutions and communities.

AIGLH brings together senior and young professionals from conservation institutions and senior and young community leaders. This intergenerational leadership framework encourages understanding, collaboration and cooperation across the generations to address challenges and make joint decisions. The model breaks down barriers between generations, facilitates the mentoring of future leaders by the senior leaders, whilst building a consultative decision-making approach.

The AIGLH is a collaborative initiative between the Southern African Wildlife College, the Environmental Sustainability Agency and Common Purpose. It builds a powerful synergy between the extensive African conservation networks and knowledge of the Southern African Wildlife College, the community knowledge and networks of the Environmental Sustainability Agency and the global leadership development expertise of Common Purpose.

AIGLH Leadership Development Programmes

The AIGLH presents two intergenerational leadership programmes:

  • 1. The African Intergenerational Conservation Leaders Programme
  • 2. The Community Leaders Programmes
A programme offering leadership development for leaders who are formally in the conservation sector.

The programme brings together a diverse group of 30 conservation leaders from multiple conservation institutions across Southern and Eastern Africa, to undertake a 3-month leadership programme together. The cohort will be intergenerational, comprising one senior and one young leader (under the age of 35) from every participating institution. It follows a blended learning approach, using the strengths of both online (own time) and online (real-time) in a four-stage learning journey.

Next programme

Accelerator:                            Completed

Leadership Foundations:     Completed

Embedding:                            24 May - 2 August - online (own time)

Translate:                                3-5 August - online (real time)

How does it work?

  • Accelerator: In this first module, delivered online, both generations of participants “meet” each other and are introduced to some of the basic concepts of Leading Beyond Authority and Cultural Intelligence.
  • Leadership Foundations: This is a four day face-to-face module, which builds on the basics acquired in the Accelerator and stretches the participants thinking about leadership. It does so through a variety of exercises and immersive experiences which take the participants into face-to-face contact with impressive leader role models and their organisations. This module will take place in Johannesburg and participants will have access to a wide diversity of leaders from different types of organisations. This module includes intra-generational and inter-generational coaching. This module culminates in candidates selecting practical challenges in their workplaces on which they will begin to try out their new skills.
  • Embedding: This is the phase in which the participants work to integrate their new thinking and skills into their workplace and life practice. The inter- and intra-generational peer coaching groups continue to provide a support structure during this period of experimentation and learning.
  • Translate: This is the final face-to-face module, held over two days. It focuses on sharing the learning from the Embedding period, and building collaborative skills, through a Collaboration Laboratory. The module concludes with the development of a strong personal growth plan ahead.

The programme comprises an up-front introductory WhatsApp-based module, followed by three days, delivered in person in the community, using highly experiential techniques. The three-day in-person module includes the following elements:

Day 1: Leadership Foundations The concept of Leading Beyond Authority(LBA) is introduced, with exercises to assist in internalising this leadership approach, and engagements with an external leaders whose own stories inspire and illustrate this leadership principle.

Day 2: Leadership Building  We build practical leadership skills, using the foundational concept of LBA. We focus on collaboration, using a Collaboration Laboratory as the teaching tool. This comprises a simulation exercise in which the group is presented with a real-world community challenge and, with the help of representatives of relevant local institutions, they role-play leadership within those organisations’, working together to find solutions to a challenge. This module includes a range of external stakeholders as participants, adding significantly to the depth of the learning.

Day 3: Leadership EmbeddingWe guide the participants into consideration of real-world challenges and opportunities in their community and wrestle with the skills and behaviour shifts needed to pursue them. Inspiration external leaders enable the participants to see and imagine how they too can succeed as leaders.

2021 community programme dates and locations:

  • Barokologadi, North West from - Completed
  • Moopong, Limpopo from - Completed

Other locations still to be confirmed.

Why take part in the programmes of the AIGLH?

To become a leader who:

  • is able to be ‘present’, connected emotionally, and have the courage to lead beyond authority;
  • address issues using innovative, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, drawing on intergenerational inputs, to address conservation challenges in collaboration with communities;
  • is able to work across the boundaries of discipline and sector, with diverse stakeholders, elevating conservation as a key economic driver; and
  • is engaged at all levels in decision-making to collectively solve issues and be able to lead complex change.
Barokologadi Leadership Programme
Mnisi Leadership Programme
Mayibuye Leadership Programme

Meet some of our Conservation Leaders Programme alumni

Young Leaders

Young conservation leaders are nominated for the leadership programme by their CEOs, ensuring a group of exceptional young talent.

Senior Leaders

Senior leaders are nominated for the leadership programme by their CEOs, bringing together those most invested in transferring their skills to and learning from  the next generation.

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