Make the most of the end of the financial year…

For many the end of the current financial year is beckoning.  We encourage our South African supporters to make the most of it by making a meaningful contribution to training and skills development. The good news is that this can be a win-win. By supporting skills development, either as part of one’s individual or corporate social responsibility or in order to obtain B-BBEE benefits or a tax benefit, we can collectively bring training and employment opportunities to marginalised citizens.

As such, we invite you to partner with us to help build a more sustainable future by supporting us in our endeavours to train conservationists, including wildlife area managers, field rangers, field guides, wildlife pilots and counter poaching K9 handlers, committed to protecting and conserving our wildlife and natural world.

As a registered public benefit, non-profit training institution with a sound track record, robust governance and strong fiscal management, we encourage you to donate or use your skills spend in a really meaningful way. By helping to develop the skills needed in the conservation and environmental sector, your contribution can in turn also be used to the benefit of increasing your scorecard through B_BBEE compliance in skills and socio-economic development (SED) to reduce your tax burden.

Depending on the size of the organisation, South African enterprises are required to spend a percentage of payroll costs on skills development. The amended code also states that beneficiaries do not have to be the entity’s employees, but can also be qualifying black people in general. Previously disadvantaged individuals make up the bulk of the College’s learners, who we equip with both hard and soft skills as part of their work-based training in order for them to be able to flourish when they enter the job market.

In addition, an entity may obtain B-BBEE points after spending a percentage of net profit (after tax) on SED contributions, where 75% of the value directly benefits black South African people. In particular, education and training has been identified as core to SED initiatives.

As a registered NPO, we may also issue S18A tax certificates for any individual, CSI or SED donations received.

With this in mind, and as a well-regarded centre of specialization in conservation, education, training and skills development, we invite you to make a donation or skills spend in support of what we do to help make a difference. This, not only in people’s lives but to conservation as a whole.

You can donate online here, or via direct deposit but be sure to please send us a mail so we can get the necessary documentation or S18A certificate to you. In the case of the S18A certificate we will please also need your or your company’s name, address and tax number in order to issue the certificate.