December 9, 2019


Field news November 2019

By Gawie Lindeque – Responsible Resource Use Department Regular readers of this column will know about my  love for the dry season. I just love the pastel yellows and reds at sunset that finish of yet another dry dusty day. Regardless I must now admit that I have found a new absolute favourite time of...
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News on our Volunteers and Environmental Monitors 

Volunteers at the College are spread across various departments and disciplines with some volunteers getting the opportunity to work across different disciplines. “We have elastic walls in our department as we frequently welcome volunteers for varying lengths of time. Apart from Faneul Nleya our international volunteer, we were recently we were joined by two Environmental...
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College Occupational Safety and Health Committee 

The College’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Committee, chaired by Thokozani Nkuna (Maintenance Supervisor) and vice-chaired by Rhandzane “Goody” Ndlhovu (Procurement and Main Store Controller), has made enormous strides in the past 18 months, ensuring a safe environment for all employees, students and all other stakeholders. This is not an easy task, given the sheer...
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Investec Rhino Lifeline Collaboration with Coaching Conservation 

It’s been over a year since the College, through the Rural Initiatives for a Sustainable Environment (RISE) Unit, shared the good news of its collaboration with Coaching for Conservation (C4C). This provides innovative conservation education through the Learning from Wildlife model where kids learn about wildlife and from wildlife. The C4C-College duo then in late...
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The African Intergenerational Leadership Hub (AIGLH)

Two fellow South Africans were having a sip of ‘brewed’ water on a balcony in Amman, Jordan, reflecting on a journey travelled, knowing more about each other and how they have grown as individuals and future leaders. This led to an ‘Aha!’ moment. “Why don’t we  introduce the opportunity that we have been exposed to...
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