Natural Resource Management

This programme aims to develop future generations of Natural Resource Managers with the requisite understanding and practical skills to manage their areas effectively and in cooperation with local communities.

Protected Area Management remains at the core of the Southern African Wildlife College’s business. The Higher Education and Training (HET) Programme presented its first twelve-month Certificate in Nature Conservation in 1998. Soon afterwards a second, more advanced, twelve-month Certificate was developed. To date more than one thousand students from conservation organisations across Africa have graduated from both the Higher and Advanced Certificate programmes approved by the Council of Higher Education of South Africa (CHE).

Both courses are specifically aimed at developing protected area managers with the requisite understanding and practical skills to effectively manage and conserve their protected areas and associated fauna and flora in a sustainable manner. The Natural Resource Management Qualifications Department strives towards maintaining a healthy balance between theory and practice with a strong emphasis on Applied Learning. With the College being based within the Greater Kruger National Park, students acquire hands-on experience in all aspects of nature conservation during their training. Furthermore, the Work Integrated Learning component bridges the gap between classroom learning and workplace reality.

In 2018, the revision of the College’s strategic training objectives as well as the national restructuring of the accreditation processes of the CHE, prompted a major review of existing HET programmes. This review in turn required all Higher Education Institutions to re-curriculate and re-register their courses.

As such, results from this review led to a restructuring of the College’s HET programmes in a phased approach to gradually incorporate all changes required whilst still delivering relevant training in the interim.

 Consequently, as of January 2020 until 2021 (Phase 1), the College will be offering an Occupational Certificate in Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial at NQF level 5 (registered with CATHSSETA, the sector education and training authority). This replaces the existing Higher Certificate in Nature Conservation: Leadership and Implementation. During this phase, the existing Advanced Certificate in Nature Conservation: Transfrontier Conservation Management NQF level 6 (registered with CHE) will still be presented as usual.

During Phase 2, which will commence in 2022, the Occupational Certificate in Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial will become the pre-requisite course for entry into the HET programmes at the College whilst the current Advanced Certificate in Nature Conservation:Transfrontier Conservation Management will make way for a new 360 credit Diploma in Applied Natural Resource Management.

The review  also granted the College the opportunity  to upgrade its flagship qualifications from a 240 credit Higher and Advanced certificate to a 360 credit National Diploma to be launched by 2022. 

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We also offer a number of short courses in various aspects of natural resource management, as listed below

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