Our Partners

The College’s valued partners support us in achieving our goals and have a vested interest in the sustainability of the College.

Our current partners are listed inclusively. MoU’s, agreements and/or contracts are in place to outline and support these partnerships.

Legacy Partners

Strategic Partners


Anchor donors

Business Development Partners 2020

Training Partners

  • Peace Parks Foundation 
  • African Parks 
  • Coaching Conservation (CC)

  • Zambian Ministry of Tourism and Arts  including Department of National Parks and Services
  • ANAC (Mozambique) 
  • Swaziland National Trust Commission 
  • Koiyaki Guiding School (Kenya)
  • Masai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association (Kenya)

  • SANParks 
  • Kruger National Park 
  • Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency (ECPTA)

  • Basecamp Explorer Foundation (Norway)

Universities / Colleges / organisations

  • University of Leiden - Netherlands 
  • Oxford University - Uk
  • Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environment studies, University of Agricultural Sciences - Sweden
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences

  • College of African Wildlife Management Mweka - Tanzania 
  • African Leadership university - Rwanda 

  • University of Mpumalanga 




Countess Sylvia Labia, former Board Member and Founder Trustee of the Southern African Wildlife College Trust, was nominated at the College’s Sustainability Patron. The Countess is in process of creating a funding mechanism called the Patron’s circle to help raise funds for the College’s sustainability via the endowment, trust and through other legacy mechanisms.


Ambassadors are a group of people who have an interest in the College and may not fund the College but choose to support and represent the College to enable funding to be unlocked. Our Ambassadors comprise various individuals and captains of industry.