African Intergenerational Leadership Hub


Resilient Communities

COVID-19 fallout is undermining nature conservation efforts. Can more resilient communities mitigate these negative effects?The pandemic has significantly impacted nature conservation around the globe, including job losses among protected area rangers, reduced antipoaching patrols and environmental protection rollbacks, according to a collection of new research papers published by the IUCN in a special issue of...
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Seven lessons about conservation leadership

What happens when you take 59 leaders from eight African countries, representing dozens of conservation organisations, and guide them on a collaborative, intergenerational learning journey? You gain incredible insights into trends and issues at a critical time for the conservation sector, suggests Elsbeth Dixon, from leadership development organisation, Common Purpose. For the last two years,...
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AIGLH Post Covid 19

COVID-19 is just one of many ongoing challenges communities living in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga face.  A recent community leadership development programme run near conservation sites in both provinces has highlighted that developing agility and self-belief leads to more empowered, resilient and invested stakeholders – which is vital for the long-term sustainability of conservation in these...
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The African Intergenerational Leadership Hub (AIGLH)

Two fellow South Africans were having a sip of ‘brewed’ water on a balcony in Amman, Jordan, reflecting on a journey travelled, knowing more about each other and how they have grown as individuals and future leaders. This led to an ‘Aha!’ moment. “Why don’t we  introduce the opportunity that we have been exposed to...
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