A word from Bruce McDonald, the College’s Pilot

The SAWC’s Aerial support has remained active during the Covid-19 lock-down period doing in excess of 60 hours of operational flying for this period. All necessary permits for essential air services through the SAWC, SANParks, GKEPF and the Department of Transport were issued for these operations. And here I must thank everyone that assisted me...
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ITC in wildlife conservation

Exciting times ahead for online short courses to be offered by the College

The strength of short courses in filling both knowledge and skills gaps cannot be underestimated through either contact or online learning experiences. Knowledge gives you the understanding of what is required to do something, but later it’s the application of the skills practically practiced that indicates if a person has in fact internalised the knowledge...
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Cancellation of University Tours and Visits

Thirteen universities cancelled their visits to the college for 2020. Eleven of these groups were forced to cancel their visits to the College as a result of Covid-19. The other two groups cancelled due to changes within their own training environments that caused them not to have enough students enrolled in the course abroad before...
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Advanced Certificate in Nature Conservation Class of 2020

Advanced Certificate in Nature Conservation: Transfrontier Conservation Trying circumstances with some revisions to timelines There are some positive things to result from the lock-down, although under incredibly trying circumstances for both the College and its students. The time has given many of us a chance to delve deeper into the depths of the different learning...
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Hospitality Department steps in to help interns and staff during the lockdown

The hospitality department employed six interns for the year of 2020, their package included accommodation and meals on site.  Four of the interns preferred to remain on campus during the lockdown. As such, the hospitality department have been catering for them and seeing that their units are cleaned and linen serviced.  Social distancing has been...
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Responsible Use of Resources including Poop

Interestingly, the responsible use of resources becomes even better if you are able to regenerate the basics of ecosystem functioning – the soil and the vegetation.  In addition to the online guiding courses, Pieter Nel, the Senior Trainer in the department, cattle lover extraordinaire, and a fervent believer in Regenerative/Holistic/Planned Grazing has been busy researching...
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Farewell to the YES Youth

The Southern African Wildlife College as an institution shared the good news in early-2019, of its partnership with, and participation in the Nedbank-Youth Employment Services (YES) internship programme facilitated through WildTrust.  It’s now a year later, and the placements have come to an end. This partnership saw the College joined by fifteen new faces as...
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Partnering with Global Conservation Corps

The College, through the RISE unit partnered with the Global Conservation Corps (GCC) early in 2020 for the delivery of GCC’s Future Rangers Programme as a pilot programme to Grade 8 students of two strategic high schools within the SAWC’s core area of community influence. This project is the pilot phase of bringing consistent conservation...
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Coaching Conservation continues to inspire and grow kids in our communities

In the previous Bateleur, RISE reported on the partnership between Coaching Conservation, and the Southern African Wildlife College, supported by the Investec Rhino Lifeline. We looked at the impact of 2019 and the hopes of further promoting environmental awareness to inspire a generation of kids who care about themselves, others and the natural environment around...
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