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The SAWC’s K9 unit is one of the most innovative and successful applied learning projects in Africa. Its anti-poaching successes on the ground have increased exponentially in recent years largely due to the four-tiered approach adopted to test best practice. This includes rangers, dogs, aerial support and community engagement.In supporting rangers on the ground, the...
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SAWC appoints new head of ranger training

A new leader steps up to manage the training of aspirant and seasoned field rangers The Southern African Wildlife College extends a very warm welcome to Mr. Altin Gysman, the new head of its Protected Area Integrity Department, which includes its African Field Ranger Training Services Unit, its K9 Unit and its Aerial Support unit....
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Update from the Applied Learning Department

The present crisis has affected us all. Technology will be one of the ways to help mitigate some of the resultant work-associated problems. However, we require the necessary staff to help in this regard, not just from an IT maintenance point of view but also in the development of systems to allow us to continue...
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A word from HR: Navigating unchartered waters

The global COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed our experiences―as customers, employees, citizens, humans―and our attitudes and behaviours are changing as a result. As companies are pushed into uncertain waters, they need to rapidly operate in new ways, and systems resilience is being tested as never before. As businesses juggle a range of new systems priorities...
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Word from our Protected Area Integrity Unit on Field Ranger Training

The announcement of the Covid-19 virus pandemic and subsequent lock-down based on Levels 5 to 1 as announced by government has been noted and considered both by the College and by the Protected Area Integrity Unit as regards its operations and field ranger training. The original Declaration of the pandemic as a National Disaster in...
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News from the SAWC’s Dog Master

As we welcome in the month of May 2020 and whilst most are stilled locked away in their houses, the K9 Unit is still working full steam ahead by training, maintaining and preparing all our dogs and teams to be deployed onto the front lines. Being part of mandated essential services and seeing how life...
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A word from Bruce McDonald, the College’s Pilot

The SAWC’s Aerial support has remained active during the Covid-19 lock-down period doing in excess of 60 hours of operational flying for this period. All necessary permits for essential air services through the SAWC, SANParks, GKEPF and the Department of Transport were issued for these operations. And here I must thank everyone that assisted me...
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ITC in wildlife conservation

Exciting times ahead for online short courses to be offered by the College

The strength of short courses in filling both knowledge and skills gaps cannot be underestimated through either contact or online learning experiences. Knowledge gives you the understanding of what is required to do something, but later it’s the application of the skills practically practiced that indicates if a person has in fact internalised the knowledge...
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Cancellation of University Tours and Visits

Thirteen universities cancelled their visits to the college for 2020. Eleven of these groups were forced to cancel their visits to the College as a result of Covid-19. The other two groups cancelled due to changes within their own training environments that caused them not to have enough students enrolled in the course abroad before...
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