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A student’s experience: Field Ranger Law Enforcement Armed Course

DATE 18 OCT 2021- 26 NOV 2021On our arrival on Sunday 18 October 2021, Corporal Mbuso took us to our place of rest and welcomed us. This happened to be “Tents”, which most of us were not expecting, thinking we would be staying in proper rooms. We left our luggage and went straight to the...
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Pilot phase of future rangers programme a real success

During 2021, SAWC and Global Conservation Corps (GCC) engaged in a pilot phase of the Future Rangers Programme, whereby the two organizations partnered up to deliver high class environmental, conservation, and leadership curriculum to four schools in the Wildlife College’s area of influence, reaching over 1300 students between grades R to 8. A number of...
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Coaching Conservation – Learning from Wildlife

The Coaching Conservation programme provides Innovative conservation education through the Learning from Wildlife Model, where kids learn about wildlife, and from wildlife behaviour and their individual attributes for application in their personal lives. Having started in 2019, 2021 marks the second year of SAWC implementing the Coaching Conservation programme, and this year the programme managed to reach...
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Community and Youth Development – 2021 Review

By Chris KafotekaThe Covid-19 pandemic presented the Community and Youth Development Department with similar challenges that the whole world faced during the 2021 academic year. Borrowing an Alan Cohen saying that “you do not wait until conditions are perfect to begin; beginning makes the conditions perfect” thus became our mantra.As such, the Department began 2021...
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Geometrid in Mozambique

Coutada 11 & Zerenopsis flavimaculataWhile in Coutada 11 Mozambique, May-July 2021, we found an unrecognizable Geometrid. The photograph was forwarded to Hermann Staude, a specialist for African Geometrids, and he identified it as Zerenopsis flavimaculata. It was described by Hermann and Pasi Sihvonen in 2014, based on two specimens caught over a hundred years ago...
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EarthRanger User Conference 2021 Report

Nandi Thobela and Dr Cleo Graf at the EarthRanger User Conference (ERUC) 2021 The EarthRanger User Conference (ERUC) kicked off in Johannesburg, on 06 November 2021. The conference was well attended with representatives from all over the globe, but mostly working in and around the African continent. Over the years, since its inception, the ERUC...
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SAWC Statement on its Vaccination Policy

On 11 June 2021, the Department of Employment and Labour issued an updated Consolidated Direction on Occupational Health and Safety which, among other things, expressly permits an employer to implement a mandatory workplace vaccination policy, subject to specific guidelines.As an accredited Higher Education and Training Institute, we at the Southern African Wildlife College aim to...
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SAWC hosts gala event in celebration of it’s Jubilee and the growth of it’s Sustainability Fund

In 2020, the College launched its Sustainability Fund with an incredible investment of €2.5m from the MAVA Fondation pour la Nature secured via Peace Parks Foundation. Funds raised by the Southern African Wildlife College Trust, combined with funding secured from founder donors Peace Parks Foundation and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), mean that...
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Richard Khosa Tracking Scholarship

By Lee-Anne Yammin – OHNM Campaign Manager Richard in the centre with his colleagues Gezani Richard Khosa was born on the Kempiana farm (the same property that the Southern African Wildlife College is based on) in 1970.  Rich had the bush instilled in him from his birth at Lena’s Kraal. He grew up here, when Kempiana...
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