Further Education and Training Certificate: Professional Hunting

Course ID
Responsible Resource Management
NQF Level 4
Various instructors
Contact Training
18 months which includes 6 months work experience


The learning programme will be run over a period of two years: 18 months on site training at the SAWC, including six months practical work experience in the employment of a credible professional hunting outfitter.


The Further Education and Training Certificate: Professional Hunting, addresses the skills and competencies enabling qualifying, licensing and registration as a Professional Hunter to access employment opportunities in the hunting environment in South Africa.

The professional hunter is both an ambassador for the country and the provider of a business service, and the purpose of the qualification is to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, values and qualities to successfully fulfil these roles.

Target Group

Individuals employed in a conservation or hunting related industry or envisaging employment in the Professional Hunting environment.

Above the age of 22 years

Male or female

Employed in a conservation or hunting related industry or envisaging employment in the Professional Hunting environment

Ability to work with a diverse range of cultures

Good communication skills

Good physical and mental stamina

Entry level requirements

Age minimum of 21 years

Be conversant in English as a medium of tuition

Preference will be given to students with:

A valid driver’s license and PDP.

Experience in the conservation/ hunting industry

Possession of a firearms competency card.

Exit Level Outcomes

Students qualifying against the learning programme will be able to:

Operate in the professional hunting environment.

Apply legislative requirements applicable to professional hunting.

Handle and maintain weapons for hunting purposes.

Maintain hunting ethics and traditions in the operational environment.

Interact with clients in the Professional Hunting environment.

Conduct a hunting experience according to industry standards.

Deal with hunting trophies in the correct manner.


The Professional Hunting industry is characterised by the delivery of hunting services to national and international clients and contributes significantly to the country’s foreign exchange earnings, a contribution in excess of R 800 million per annum.

The Professional Hunting sector requires standardisation of training and development in order to register with relevant Professional Hunting Bodies and training against a recognised qualification is embedded in the Firearms Control Act as a requirement. In addition to this legislation, the sector is furthermore regulated by Nature Conservation legislation in terms of protected species. The acquiring of recognised skills and abilities is therefore required by the sector in order to meet legislative requirements and to remain profitable in order to increase growth and job opportunities.

This qualification enables the qualifying learner to ensure that every aspect of a hunting experience is carried on within the parameters of the law. It focuses strongly on the rejection of unethical hunting practices, and promotes awareness of the conservation of the natural environment. In addition the qualification encompasses learning programmes that has come to be the accepted standard for licensing new professional hunters in the industry.

The qualification is designed to provide the skills and abilities for people who are both experienced recreational plains game hunters required to register for this purpose but will also enable progression from dedicated hunter to professional hunter status for individuals following a career path in this sector. Training and development to address access and redress in this sector where transformation is not yet evident will also be enabled by this qualification.

The Responsible Resource Use Department is committed to the idea that the responsible use of Africa’s wildlife resources is essential to their conservation.