The African Field Ranger Training Services Division was involved in several other training interventions during September.  Most noteworthy was the start or the Selection process in the Zinave National Park in Mozambique.  This process precedes the Basic Field Ranger training intervention planned for most of September running into October.  The team consisted of Frank MacCarter, Robbie Greene, Excellent Macabe and Marianne de Kock.  34 possible Field Ranger trainees were selected in difficult circumstances.  Robbie Greene and Excellent Macabe has remained to continue with the Field Ranger training intervention.

A Maritime Field Ranger course was presented in Mozambique, at Inhaca Island.  This was the first of its kind and was deemed a success as the Learners were exposed to Tactical application of boats and how to approach sea borne poachers.  The training intervention took place over three weeks and allowed for the trainees to get the maximum practical time possible at sea and doing the required drills that will save their lives in tactical conditions.

A Field Ranger Advanced Training course in Mozambique, Limpopo National Park was also completed.  The Trainer, Wouter Combrinck, was successful in advancing the skills of 18 Field Rangers in the process.  The management of the LNP was very satisfied with the outcome and more training courses are planned for the Park.

The Dog Master has returned and the K9 Unit is hard at work and back at the development of the Pack Dogs.  The Unit is slowly but surely gaining speed in the operational application of the dogs and renewed interest from the Kruger National Park has been achieved.  

Maritime field ranger training