March 19, 2019


NQF 2 Dangerous game site guide course 2019

The Sustainable Use and Guiding department kicked off the year with our planned NQF 2 Dangerous Game Site Guide course on 15 January.  As is custom each student got issued his/her “rifle” on 16 February after induction. This is a one-meter-long length borehole pipe that is painted green with one end sporting a bright red...
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2019 Bridging Course

The Youth Access: Conservation and Environmental Education Bridging Programme was first piloted at the Southern African Wildlife College in 2010 with funding received from the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust. Since then, this programme has become one of the College’s flagship youth programmes.  In 2019 we are very happy to announce that we will again be...
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Communities and conservationists learning together

Our classrooms are becoming spaces where community and conservation leaders are learning together. Our RISE unit’s innovative approach of extending training beyond boundaries by bringing community and conservation representatives into the same learning space, resulted in the development of two new courses i.e. Stakeholder Engagement and Governance in Conservation.  Both these courses focus on the...
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Short courses address rapid change

The College’s short course offerings have diversified over the past couple of years. Every department has in some way taken on board the short courses related to their own field of expertise and are in the process of expanding and adapting the current training materials available and developing new materials that cater for the rapid...
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