August 27, 2018


Poaching Statistics and Arrests – August 2018

At the time of writing, no reliable statistics could be sourced on the number of rhino poached to date. Unofficial statistics estimate the figure to be around 300 rhino to date, as of end July 2018. Poacher arrests have however increased exponentially due to the new pack-hound initiative. These dogs have at least an 80%...
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African Ranger Awards 2018

The Alibaba Foundation and The Paradise Foundation, a Chinese not-for-profit environmental conservation organisation, held the first annual African Ranger Awards ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa on 7 August,2018. The Awards recognize 50 wildlife rangers working in 17 African countries, and aim to raise global awareness about the need to conserve Africa’s wildlife and the...
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Kruger National Park loses first field ranger to a poachers bullet

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Respect Mathebule who succumbed to a poacher’s bullet in the line of duty. Trained by Ruben de Kock who has over two decades of experience in field ranger training, Respect is the first of Ruben’s students to have been killed in the line...
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