June 29, 2018


June update from the field

Autumn has given way to winter with a sudden transformation of the bushveld, a very different picture to that of only a few months ago. The bush is still filled with a wide range of autumn colours as the Tamboti groves change to shades of orange and the Kiaat trees  to hues of ochre as...
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Increase in white-headed vulture activity

Our patrol flights do not only provide valuable data on large species such as rhino and elephant, but also other threatened and vulnerable species such as vultures and large raptors. Over the past year we have picked up an increasing trend in white-headed vulture activity in the region. This is very exciting news as these...
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Rhino poaching statistics – June 2018

Accurate poaching statistics are still hard to ascertain due to Government not regularly releasing these figures. Unofficial statistics, as at the end of April 2018, indicate a loss of over 250 rhino for the year to date. A conservative estimate would bring this number closer to 300 by mid-July/August 2018. The good news is that...
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