April 27, 2018


April field notes

The Lowveld has been blessed with welcome rains in most of the central regions over the past two months. Although the rainfall coverage seemed to encompass most of our operational areas, the rains were sporadic and varied with some areas receiving substantially more than others. The picture of the landscape from above is very different...
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Training for Maritime Rangers

The Southern African Wildlife College’s Protected Area Integrity Unit, under the department’s African Field Ranger Training Services (AFRTS), had a successful start to 2018 with the kickoff of new and diverse training interventions, like the training for maritime rangers. “We have developed a brand-new course for maritime training and provided a successful training intervention in...
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Training in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India

The Southern African Wildlife College’s Protected Area Integrity Unit and African Field Ranger Training Services (AFRTS) recently presented a Trainer/Instructor course in Assam, India, with the support of United for Wildlife  and WWF-India. After a selection phase and five weeks of training, Assam now has 11 instructors  equipped to introduce their forest staff to a...
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Elephants under fire

Sadly, Kruger elephant poaching is becoming a grim reality, not only within Kruger but all over South Africa. A total of 67 elephants were killed for their ivory in the Kruger Park in 2017, while one was lost to poachers in KwaZulu Natal (KZN). If one looks at the trend, Kruger losses are significantly worse:...
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Climate Predictions

Current climate predictions issued by the South African Weather Service for the period February to June 2018 indicate that the El Niño system is expected to remain in a weak La Niña phase through to early Autumn. This suggests above-normal rainfall is to be expected later in the summer rainfall season, which can extend towards...
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Pups making progress

We only realise how quickly time flies when we are given the opportunity to see the rate at which something grows and develops. In our case, it has been seeing the four youngest members of the K9 unit become the clumsy ‘pre-teenagers’ they are now. At five months old, these little fur balls are already...
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