Theresa Sowry

Theresa Sowry

Chief Executive Officer

What excites me the most about what we do at the College lies in the fact of how we train people to think holistically. Most people do not fully understand that people need to be part of the conservation story for conservation to truly succeed. At SAWC we learn by doing conservation, and make sure we are inclusive in all we do! It is the only way forward in my eyes. 


Theresa Sowry holds a MSc from the University of the Witwatersrand in Landscape Ecology.  She is an avid and dedicated conservationist with a keen interest in rare antelope dynamics and landscape level pattern and process. 

Theresa joined the SAWC in 2002 as a lecturer and embraced a number of new challenges until being offered the position of CEO in 2011.

Theresa’s passion is taking to the skies and piloting a Bathawk and Savannah, Light Sport Aircraft.  She has been able to successfully integrate this passion into a joint SAWC/KNP project, and monitors the rhino distribution pattern on a weekly basis across the Kempiana property. 

Theresa feels privileged to work in such a unique, adaptive and dynamic organisation, where tangible impact is seen and measured in each and every student that passes through the SAWC’s doors.  ‘Applying the lessons we have learnt in everything we do at the College is what keeps us focused moving ahead’.


  • MSc Landscape EcologyUniversity of the Witwatersrand