Thabang Teffo, Dr

Thabang Teffo , Dr

Head: Responsible Resource Management Department

“Don’t go where the paths leads, go where there is not path and leave a trail”


Thabang was born and raised in the Limpopo province of South Africa. After completing his BSc degree at University of Limpopo (South Africa). He received a scholarship to further his studies in Hungary where he completed a Master’s degree in Wildlife Management Engineering. He further received the same scholarship to continue his studies towards a Ph.D. in Wildlife Management and Conservation. During his 6 years stay in Hungary Thabang worked as an assistant lecturer and supervised BSc students’ research. He also worked with the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) as Project Assistant. Just before completing his PhD he found a new home at the SAWC.

Thabang has been involved in several jobs and projects both locally and internationally. Now as Head of Responsible Resource Management Department, he utilises the experiences and network with those of his tea, to create and deliver applied training focused on holistic landscape-based approach across Southern Africa. 


  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Wildlife Management and Conservation) – Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Science Thesis: Impacts of ungulates on reptiles of high conservation value and their habitat.
  • Master of Science (Wildlife Management Engineering) – Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Science Thesis: Testing pigeon control efficiency in urban industries using different methods
  • Bachelor of Science (Zoology and Biochemistry) University of Limpopo


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