Pieter Nel

Pieter Nel

Senior Trainer – Responsible Resource Management/Regenerative Land Practices

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome”


Pieter Nel joined the Professional Hunting Department in January 2014. As the department changed scope, Pieter stayed involved, and he is excited about the leadership and direction of the Responsible Resource Department.

Originally from the Kalahari, Pieter finished his schooling in Kimberley, and then obtained his Red Seal (Artisanship) as a Diesel Mechanic at SIVOS (Sishen) through ASMANG.

He started his formal career in conservation on Tswalu. First as a Professional Hunter, then a monitor of Black rhino and of the first Kalahari lions on private property, then a guide. Through it all involved in rehabilitation work.

Pieter moved to the lowveld in 2003, where he took up the Conservation Manager & Environmental Control Officer position on Ingwelala. During this time he was in charge of security/integrity and fire management of the Umbabat.

Pieter left his position at Ingwelala at the end of 2012, and started a career in training at the Nature College in the Western Cape for a year after returning to the lowveld at the end of 2013. 2024 will be his eleventh year with the SAWC.

Pieter’s passion is enabling ecosystem health. He believes managing for functioning ecological cycles rather than focusing on specific animals to preserve is the way to conserve large tracks of land and habitats. The inclusion of humans in this thinking are crucial, making it a somewhat out the box approach to conservation.

Pieter is a practitioner in regenerative grazing practice, and coined the term “regenerative conservation” championing the use of livestock in conservation areas to improve dysfunctional ecosystem process’. Pieter is an expert in rehabilitation of extended/large degraded areas and human wildlife conflict mitigation.