Obrain Kamwale

Obrain Kamwale

Senior Wildlife Police Officer (SWPO), Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Zambia


Obrian Kamwale was born in 1981 in one of Zambia’s towns called Mazabuka. The town is found on the southern part of Zambia where mainly the Tonga speaking people live. He is Tonga but can also speak other local languages such as Nyanja and Bemba. He learnt these through interacting with varied friends and neighbours.

He was born in a family of five, two sisters and two brothers. He is the oldest of them all. He grew up in a village called Shamatuli even though both his parents were working in Lusaka.

At a tender age of about 10 years, he used to keep cattle because this is the custom in southern province of Zambia. All boys have to be taught how to take care of livestock, do general farming as well as a bit of manual work. When he came to Lusaka, he also learnt how to do business because his parents also ventured in business even though they were in formal employment.

As such this helped him acquire a varied range of skills for sustenance of family values. He did his primary education at three different schools thus; Kaabo, Chinika and Simwaba primary schools respectively. From 1998 to 2002 he was at Monze boarding high school where he got his grade 12 secondary certificate (matrix). He began to realize his leadership skills then because he was chosen to be in charge of the hostel (House captain).

The most difficult period in his life was when his father and mother died in 1995 and 1999 respectively. At the time his mother died, he just made it to grade 10.  He is happy that despite facing challenges, he managed to complete his secondary education as well as pursue part of his tertiary education. Above all he is one of the few people in his family that are working in government. By now some of his family members are regarding him as a bread winner. Moreover Obrian is also one of the few that studied abroad!