Jackson Chingumbe

Jackson Chingumbe

Department of National Parks and Wildlife Services – Zambia

Natural Resource Management

My name is Jackson Chingumbe, and I am a Zambia citizen. I completed my secondary education in 1999 and did my Wildlife conservation course in 2004.  I have worked for National Parks and Wildlife Services for 18 years.  I am stationed at Mazambuka as the Wildlife Police Officer and I am grateful for the chance I had to study at the SAWC.

Further, I wish to thank the College for its dedication, attention and open minded thinking and readiness to help me study Nature Conservation Implementation and Leadership in 2017. I then also returned to complete the the Advanced Certificate in 2018. These courses have helped me to acquire more knowledge which I am now applying in my workplace. The Communication Module, Human Resources and Community-based Natural Resource Mangement modules have taught me good approach when communicating with my colleagues and when working with communities. I encourage my colleaques to be involved in the improvement of the administration management of our protected areas. There are still challenges, especially when working with communities but we continue to work together for the future of our natural resources.

In conclusion, I really appreciate those that have supported me to study at the SAWC. I also want say that please continue to support others out there who are willing and interested in upgrading their skills in Nature conservation through the college.