Connor Shmidt

Connor Shmidt

Imbali Safari lodge

Guiding course 2019

It’s pretty plain and simple, SAWC was undoubtedly the best thing that has happened to me.

I managed to reach my dreams due to the amazing people from the college.

To be able to wake up and do what I thought I might never be able to is indescribable.

Gawie Lindeque , Pieter Nel , Julie Bryden , Ruan De Flamingh , Ashwell Glasson just to name a few are people who have left life long impressions and played such a significant role in the entirety of the course.

Their knowledge , passion and wisdom is so contagious and is key role in the success of the students who are lucky enough to have been taught by them.

Overall the time at college was a time in a my life I will never ever forget and will always be so grateful to every person there.

I would also just like to say the biggest appreciation goes to Gawie.

He is beyond a doubt one of the best teachers I have ever had , not only is his bush knowledge undoubtedly one of the best out there.

His patience , understanding , caring and willingness to help absolutely anyone who is willing to learn is something that I admire and something I learnt to strive for in my life. 

Not only did I learn the most valuable lessons about the bush from Gawie but equally as valuable life lessons that I will carry forever.