Patrol Leader

Course ID
Protected Area Integrity
Various instructors
Campus, Offsite
14 days


The purpose of this training is to the team leader with the necessary skill to plan and conduct a patrol or operation on his management level.

It includes:

  • Demonstrate the fundamentals of supervising and leading of field ranger and anti-poaching units.
  • Plan and execute a patrol or operation in the area of operation.
  • Lead a patrol or operational briefing and debriefing.
  • Manage criminal information and intelligence at the patrol leader level.
  • Manage a crime scene.
  • Conduct search operations.
  • Demonstrate and understand laws governing the protected area.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of court procedures and the principles of giving evidence.
  • Apply radio and voice procedures effectively.

Entry level requirements

Nominees must meet the following requirements:

Completed a Field Ranger Law Enforcement Armed course or similar Para-military training.

Have operated as a field ranger on anti-poaching operations for at least one year.

Be physically fit to complete the course.

Have a valid rifle competency from the SAPS.

The Southern African Wildlife College offers organisations and or private businesses the opportunity to enrol their staff for training in any of our short courses on the basis of ten people attending as a minimum requirement.