Wildlife Ranger Challenge


As you know the Wildlife College, along with The Global Conservation Corporation is participating in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge. It would be wonderful if we could all help drive this initiative so we can take full advantage of this amazing fundraising opportunity.

The Challenge has been designed to provide all Tusk Trust’s partners, including the Wildlife College, with a platform to help us raise funds, which are much needed as a result of the impact if the Covid-19 pandemic on our training and on rangers across Africa.

To this end, Tusk has created a dedicated online fundraising page and thanks to the enormous generosity of their founder donor, The Scheinberg Relief Fund, every dollar that we and our team at the College raise via our JustGiving page will attract an additional 25% match. Therefore 125% of the funds received net of credit card or JustGiving charges will be earmarked to support our rangers across our counter poaching projects.

Donations made via the dedicated fundraising page on JustGiving (administered by Tusk) will be used specifically in support of the continued employment and deployment of rangers and will qualify for the match.

Furthermore, the Scheinberg Relief Fund will donate the equivalent of 75% of the amount each project raises to the Ranger Fund so additional grants may be made to those protected areas deemed most in need, doubling the overall impact of our donors’ contributions.

So yes, you can make a real difference by sponsoring our team in this unique pan-African ranger challenge. Whether it is a donation of $20 or $1,000.

This contribution will not only directly supporting our project, but will also help to unlock vital funds for other Ranger teams across Africa.

You can support the SAWC WRC team by following them on @wildlifecollege

Please help us drive this Wildlife Ranger Challenge initiative by donating and by encouraging other people to donate.

Support the SAWC Wildlife Ranger Team

Remember that every dollar that our team at the College raises via JustGiving will attract an additional 25% match thanks to The Scheinberg Relief Fund!