Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2022

The College is proud to have taken part of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge on 17 September this year. Over 100 ranger organisations from more than 20 African countries came together in support of this event. Members of the public from around the world also ran or walked in support of these inspiring men and women, who put their lives on the line every day. 

Started in 2020 by Tusk Trust, the Wildlife Ranger Challenge seeks to increase support for the ranger workforce by raising vital funds, which will help to widen access to essential equipment, enhanced training and protective measures. The Challenge also seeks to be a catalyst for the development of the “rangering” profession by increasing recognition for the critical roles rangers play.

These Ranger teams, including our Team SAWC, undertook to complete a 21km race carrying 22kg backpacks in order to raise awareness, funds and support for their fellow rangers and protect the wildlife they have dedicated their lives to looking after.

Well done to Reason, Clive, Jason and Dian for accomplishing the challenge, we are very proud of you!

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards our team and shown such amazing support, we raised $56 000 this year and with your support hope to do even better in the next one! Special thanks to the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, the International Rhino Foundation and Friends of African Wildlife for your incredible support.

With matched funding from the Scheinberg Relief Fund and the vital partnership of the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa, and with the momentum now gained by Tusk Trust for the event, the SAWC looks forward to seeing this initiative of Africa, for Africa, reaching even greater heights next year.