Wildlife Guardianship

Our innovative work in the field is pioneering new ways of protecting wildlife and catering for the emerging needs of conservation professionals.

The first line of defense for vulnerable wildlife

The field ranger is at the forefront of anti-poaching and conservation efforts throughout Africa and globally. As the law enforcement component of nature conservation, rangers work in sometimes harsh and hostile environments.  To do their jobs ethically, effectively, and safely, they need to be well prepared.

Our training facilities equip learners with the knowledge and skills they need, including ground-to-air and K9 capabilities. We keep abreast of the latest tactics and technologies being applied in the field and we are constantly innovating new practices.

The introduction of specially trained dogs into the anti-poaching arsenal is proving to be highly effective, both as tracking dogs with handlers, and as free-running packs with the ability to track and apprehend. They are a force multiplier, which allows the rangers to be more effective. Read more about our K9 Unit.


Aerial support is critical to counter-poaching operations and data collection for conservation management. Read more about our Aerial Support Unit.


This training is focused on the well-developed, experienced, and advanced field rangers in special rural operations. It includes advanced navigation and movement techniques, tactical tracking, tactical planning and deployment, ground to air operations and the skills needed to survive in the field during emergency situations. Read more about Tactical Operations training

Learn more about our Wildlife Guardianship Programme

We provide knowledge and skills to the students training to become leaders in Wildlife Guardianship.


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