Update from the ICT Department – Sept ‘ 23

Advancing Horizons: A Glimpse into the ICT Department’s Milestones for Q3

By Karl Ferreira – Head: ICT Department

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), adaptability and innovation are paramount. The ICT Department at our esteemed institution has been steadfastly pushing boundaries, embracing change, and spearheading projects that not only streamline operations but also pave the way for a more interconnected campus. In this edition, we bring you a snapshot of the department’s recent accomplishments and its commitment to growth and stakeholder management. 

The ICT Department’s recent milestones are a testament to its unwavering dedication to innovation, growth, and stakeholder management. By completing the Storeroom Management Project, implementing a College-wide Vehicle Booking System, launching the College intranet, and maintaining the College’s technological backbone, the department continues to help drive the institution’s progress. As we move forward, these achievements serve as beacons, guiding the department on its path towards even greater technological excellence. 

Implementing a college-wide Vehicle Booking System: Navigating the Future 

In a bid to harness the power of technology for convenience and efficiency, the ICT Department has introduced a comprehensive College-wide Vehicle Booking System. This system revolutionises the way transportation resources are managed, providing a user-friendly platform for staff to reserve vehicles seamlessly. This project underscores the department’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and resource management, while also fostering a culture of responsible resource utilisation across the campus. 

The Official Inception of the College Intranet: A Digital Nexus 

With the official launch of the College intranet, the ICT Department has laid the foundation for enhanced communication and collaboration within the College community. This intuitive platform serves as a centralised hub for disseminating information, facilitating seamless interaction between departments, and nurturing a sense of unity among campus constituents. The intranet underscores the departments dedication to fostering interconnectedness in an increasingly digital world. 

Sustaining College Functionality: The ICT Department’s Unseen Heroes 

Behind every seamless operation lies a team dedicated to maintaining the backbone of technological infrastructure. The ICT Department remains steadfast in its commitment to ensure uninterrupted services across the campus. Whether it’s troubleshooting network issues, responding promptly to technical glitches, or ensuring data security, the department’s unsung heroes work tirelessly to ensure a smooth technological experience for all.

The ICT Department recognises the pivotal role of stakeholders – from students and faculty to administrative staff and management. Clear communication, active engagement, and the integration of feedback are integral components of the department’s approach. This commitment to stakeholder management ensures that technological initiatives align with the needs and aspirations of the college community.

One of the most compelling aspects of the ICT Department’s journey is its emphasis on growth. The department views each project as an opportunity for individual and collective development. From acquiring new skills to adapting to emerging technologies, team members are encouraged to embrace continuous learning. This emphasis on growth not only enhances the team’s capabilities but also ensures that the institution remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

With that in mind, the Junior ICT staff (Tebogo Malapane and ICT Intern Leon Mogakane) put in a great deal of effort in terms of the ICT Asset management system, which required a huge clean up and recording operation and which has recently been concluded with the listing of all assets on the College intranet. 

The new register gives a description of the assets and includes a QR code recording system for easy retrieval. All non-operational assets were recorded separately onto a scraping list for future disposal.  

This project has helped us grow as a team, teaching us the value of keeping an up-to-date management system. In addition, the testing stage allowed us to develop new knowledge and experience using all types of IT equipment.  

Pictured left – organised store room. 

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