Dear Friends of the College

2018 has been quite a year for us filled with highlights, challenges, introspection, sleepless nights, arduous days out in the field and the ever-inspiring commitment from the team and our supporters.

It really does fill me with great pride when I see the progress that has been made across all our training departments and projects, which all work together to try and make a difference at all levels of conservation. In addition our applied learning unit has helped to develop better training methodologies and determine best practice based on hands on training and project implementation, having made some great strides over the past year.

As the year draws to a close and we seize and embrace new opportunities and prepare for 2019, we also reflect on the past year.

Having taken some time out to review our business strategy and the way forward, we agreed that we needed to review our mission and vision since the scope of our training has broadened to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. I am really pleased to advise that we have pinned this down after a collective exercise involving individual staff at all levels of the organization, which culminated in an “Amazing Race” to coincide with Founder’s Day.

We also have a brand new slogan, “Training Beyond Boundaries”, which was unveiled at the end of the last leg of the “Amazing Race”. It was selected by popular vote across the organization and embodies what we do, whilst encapsulating greater thought process.

Our new vision statement: To inspire every person we train and engage with, to conserve our natural worldhas also now been approved by the College’s Board of Director’s.

It gives us great purpose and I believe being people centric really resonates with us as a training institution. Our collaborative learning by doing approach extends across the entire organization and beyond as we welcome visiting groups from across Africa and other parts of the world to train and engage with us. Our thanks goes to Yvette Nowell, Head of Social Investment at Rand Merchant Bank, a long standing donor of the College, who helped facilitate the process leading to our new vision statement.

With our new vision and mission in mind, I believe we can all bring about positive change despite the many challenges we face both as a country, continent and as a centre of specialization in conservation education, training and skills development. We look forward to working with you again next year as we invest in our vision and tell you more about our mission and strategic objectives.

In closing, and on behalf of everyone at the College, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to our partners, supports and donors who have helped us make a difference, thereby helping to change the lives of the people we have trained and to conserve our precious wildlife and natural resources. We thank you for your valued support, which we trust will continue in 2019.

Here’s wishing you happy holiday! May you have a blessed break filled with much joy and peace.

Yours sincerely

Theresa Sowry
Chief Executive Officer