The Bateleur – Quarter 3 (2017)

“2017 – An Extremely Exciting but Challenging Year So Far”

During the past quarter, especially having finalised the mid year financials, the College has been hard pressed to meet its financial target especially since the impact of Phase II of the College’s infrastructure development funded by KFW is now being felt. Whilst this is a sorely needed part of the College’s development, it has understandably impacted occupation rates and our ability to run as many courses as we normally do.

The approved evaluation for the proposed increased infrastructure investment by KFW, submitted to SADC given the training needs for centralised and decentralised wildlife area conservation training, included a stand-alone field ranger training base required for in-situ training, additional staff houses as well as offices (built in environmentally friendly techniques) as well as new training facilities to accommodate evolving training.

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