The Bateleur – Quarter 1 (2023)

Dear friends of the College,

The first quarter of the year started at a rapid pace and has continued, with the first quarter passing by in a flash. Much has been accomplished during the quarter as the College instills greater accountability, whilst also putting better procedures and processes in place. Apart from our student arrivals as their training commences, our own staff training and development is also critical, with development plans being put in place across all departments.

Our teams also got together to address better project planning, with the sessions being facilitated by Elna de Beer, the College’s technical advisor who has a wealth of project management experience. Sitting in on the first session were visitors from Peace Parks Foundation, Siewert Groenwald who heads up their Commercial and Financial Portfolio and Steven Matema, Community Programme Manager whose contribution to the session was most welcome.  

We look forward to sharing news from our various departments in this the first edition of the Bateleur and hope you will enjoy reading about our progress and some of the challenges faced. We really are excited about what the year 2023 will bring as we all put our shoulders to the wheel to ensure that our targets are met and in terms of ensuring that our departments and projects go from strength to strength. Our balanced scorecard approach also helps to keep our eye not only on our financial sustainability but helps ensure that our work also keenly focuses on our customers, internal processes and on learning and growth.  

Until next time…