The Bateleur – Quarter 1 (2022)

Dear friends of the College,

In looking ahead to the rest of 2022, if the first quarter is anything to go by, it is certainly going to be a busy and rewarding year on so many levels. 

In 2020 and 2021 we were faced with many challenges including the impact of Covid-19 which took its toll on us all. However, we managed to stay focused as we continue driving towards ensuring our sustainability whilst delivering needs-based conservation training programmes and applied projects that help develop people within the sector. We have also been hard at work on our new blended-learning approach which has seen new courses being implemented and the development of our ground-breaking three year applied Diploma offering. 

This would not have been possible without the support of all our stakeholders including our partners, the conservation sector, our funders as well as our motivated team of staff play who all play a critical role in the College’s success. It is with great resolve and commitment that we have managed to ensure the sustainability of the institution with the support of our staff, many of whom have now also returned from the holidays in December to a five-day working week.

The first issue of the Bateleur highlights some of the progress already made this year and we look forward to reporting on our training, our projects, our partnerships and on our people as we move towards a more prosperous year. 

So, as we now head into the second quarter, here’s wishing you a wonderful and blessed year ahead. 

Best wishes, 

Jeanné Poultney 
Executive Manager – Marketing, Fundraising and Media Relations