The Bateleur – Quarter 1 (2017)

“Natural Resource Management qualifications department welcomes its students”

The College Christmas break is always one of mixed blessings for the Wildlife Area Management Qualifications department!

On the one hand it is a time to relax and reflect on the year just past, but it is also a time in which we anxiously await final confirmation of which students will arrive on site at the start of the first semester in the new year. This last holiday season I looked back with gratitude on the dedicated and disciplined student group I was privileged to manage, teach and mentor in 2016. I also looked forward to meeting the new student “intake” and mused as to the sorts of personalities and challenges that they would bring to 2017. My worries about the 2017 student intake were soon over as the first students began to arrive and the flurry of the new academic year was upon us.

It is always good to see returning students and this year we have a good number that have rolled over from the Higher Certificate to the Advanced Certificate. I believe in this strategy and support them as far as possible by motivating their return to employers. The benefits that they have gained over the previous year are built on consolidating their knowledge and skills. It is this that makes these students valuable assets to the conservation industry in sub- Saharan Africa.

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