Legislation and regulations for Higher Education: Part 1

In the next few issues of this newsletter, Anelle Rautenbach, Head of Academic Support and Quality Assurance, will explain the requirements that the Southern African Wildlife College must adhere to as a registered Higher Education institution. What is accreditation and why should programmes be accredited? Only programmes accredited by the Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC)...
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Last year (2017) was a year of change for the Natural Resource Management Department, which included a change of managers in addition to the beginning of a change in curriculum. As a now fully registered Higher Education Institute, the College is in the process of improving the quality of teaching and materials in alignment with...
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Greening the College Campus – Phase II

With the expansion and growth of the College’s learner programmes and service delivery, Phase II of the College’s infrastructure development commenced in 2015. The main purpose of the Phase II infrastructure development is to increase the training capacity of the SAWC, including the provision of staff housing and offices, while ensuring the greening of the College and an overall reduction...
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