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Applied Learning Department Update – Dec 2022

Diploma update: The diploma development team met to discuss the two beta test roll-outs and the lessons learned from them. A schedule for the final steps, mostly concerning external review and internal accreditation of modules , has been developed. A schedule for next year’s Training Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings and objectives will be sent out by...
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Regenerative Land Management Project – Applied Learning Department

With the coinciding crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and human population growth the planet needs production systems that increase usable productivity while maintaining the services the environment provides. There is also an urgent need to recover services and biodiversity that have been lost through poor land management/use.The philosophy behind Regenerative/Holistic Planned Grazing is that...
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Geometrid in Mozambique

Coutada 11 & Zerenopsis flavimaculataWhile in Coutada 11 Mozambique, May-July 2021, we found an unrecognizable Geometrid. The photograph was forwarded to Hermann Staude, a specialist for African Geometrids, and he identified it as Zerenopsis flavimaculata. It was described by Hermann and Pasi Sihvonen in 2014, based on two specimens caught over a hundred years ago...
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EarthRanger User Conference 2021 Report

Nandi Thobela and Dr Cleo Graf at the EarthRanger User Conference (ERUC) 2021 The EarthRanger User Conference (ERUC) kicked off in Johannesburg, on 06 November 2021. The conference was well attended with representatives from all over the globe, but mostly working in and around the African continent. Over the years, since its inception, the ERUC...
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Earth Ranger Training kicks off

Earth Ranger Training kicks offBy Dr. Cleo Graf/Nandi ThobelaIn the midst of the hustle and bustle of wrapping up the year 2020, the first EarthRanger Training took place in Somkhanda Community Game Reserve (SCGR). The training was facilitated over two days and was aimed at data capturers who also work as field rangers on the...
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The College’s R&D Department tests technology to ensure that is is fit for purpose

EXCITING TIMES AHEAD AS THE COLLEGE’S RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT TESTS TECHNOLOGY TO ENSURE THAT IT IS FIT FOR PURPOSE By Peter HammingCuriosity has lured humankind into the outskirts of the earth and even into space. With this curiosity has come technology, which in turn has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and...
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