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Our Sponsor a Student campaign was created in recognition of the lack of funding for conservation training in southern Africa. Despite the importance of training professionals in anti-poaching, wildlife conflict management, and natural resource management, little or no government funding is provided. This campaign gives donors the opportunity to change a life by sponsoring a student’s education or contributing to their bursary fees.

This Campaign gives you the opportunity to help conservation students further their studies or acquire the skills needed for their career advancement. By providing direct financial assistance to an eligible individual, by way of a bursary or scholarship, you can be assured that your contribution will not only help that person to reach his or her full potential but will also make a meaningful difference to the quality of his/her life, and to conservation in Africa; both now and in the future.



Phaides Munyanga

Wildlife Police Officer from Kafue National Park – Mumbwa Regional Office

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

I am a young lady from Zambia, from the town of Mumbwa. I am the fourth child in my family and I am the mother of two beautiful children. I started my career in conservation in 2012 as a community scout in the Mulobezi sector. I was promoted as a wildlife police officer and transferred to the Mumbwa regional office.

Penaune Steve Kasaona

Ranger from Opuwo

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

My name is Penaune Steve Kasaona, I was born and raised in Namibia from the Sesfontein Village. I am a father of seven brilliant children. My date of birth was predicted by the teachers the year I went to start school, they assumed that I was born in 1976 as I had no clue of the day or the month and year in which I was born. Then I was told from now onward your date of birth is 28 December 1976. I completed my Matric at Grootfontein High school in 1996. I then furthered my studies with the Namibian academy for Tourism & Hospitality where I completed the Tour Guide Training Course in 2008.

Sicelo Kabalaza 

Senior Field Ranger from Oviston Nature Reserve

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

I grew up in a small place called Coffee Bay which is in the Wild Coast of South Africa. I completed my schooling there. I am from a large family of eleven children and I have three of my own children now. I started my career by working as a field ranger intern in September 2014 and by that December (2014) I became a full time field ranger. In 2018 I was assessed and was promoted to senior field ranger, a post which I have held to date, based at the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency.

Paulo Antonio Condjo

Supervisor at fence construction and maintenance project from Maputo National Park

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

After completing my schooling, my career in conservation started in May 2007 when I went to attend a basic training course for field rangers at Gorongosa National Park for three months. I got there due to a selection made by the Ministry of Tourism at the time, now, Ministry of land and environment through a training plan they had, for Banhine National Parque, Gaza province where I worked from July 2007 to February 2008. I applied to be transfered to the nearest conservation area, Maputo Special Reserve at the time, now, Maputo National Park, where I am currently working. It had been privilege for me to participate in a field ranger unarmed course and emergency care by the African Field Ranger Training Services. In 2016 I was invited to work in the infrastructure department as a tractor driver and I supervised the fence construction and maintenance project where I am now a supervisor, managing about 25 seasonal workers.

Mxiwoxolo Kleinboi

Field Ranger from Mpofu Nature Reserve

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

I was born at the Fort Brown farm which is situated in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. Fort Brown is 6km away from the Great Fish River nature reserve, and it was at this beautiful place that I fell in love with nature. During my off days I keep myself busy with a project that helps unemployed youth. I started working as a YES student at the Great Fish River Reserve in 2016, and in 2017 I became an Environmental Monitor. Later in 2018 I became a field ranger.

Morris Kondile

Field Ranger from Tsolwana Nature Reserve

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

I started working in the organisation in April 2017 as a hunting casual for a six (6) month period, then in 2018 I participated in the Youth Environmental Services programme (YES) for a period of seven (7) months where I was working as a Field Ranger. I feet a huge impact in my life when I looked back and took notice of how great my passion for conservation is. I really enjoyed the field duties I was placed on. Then in July 2018 I was awarded a permanent post as a general assistant (maintenance) for a period of two and half years. Where I have learned more about maintenance duties: Infrastructure management, grounds maintenance, water management, fence maintenance and so on. In July 2020 I was placed as a field ranger, and I am in this position currently. I perform law enforcement duties, environmental education and community services, fire management, game management and general administration. I am very proud to have been awarded a field ranger of the year award for 2021. This is where I want to develop on. I also have the relevant training and certificates which follows: Fire Arm Competency (Certificate), Leadership Certificate and Field Ranger of the year 2021.

Mark Chimfwembe

Law Enforcement Supervisor/Senior Scout from Kasanka National Park

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

I am a male Zambian, born in Kabwe town central province. My family is in Kabwe town Zambia. I completed my Grade 12 at Kabwe Secondary School. I am currently working for Kasanka National Park as a Law Enforcement supervisor. I joined Kasanka National Park in 2014 and I started working as a control man in the radio room, in 2015 I was promoted to the rank of senior scout.

Lionel Salomoa Chongo

Field Ranger from Banhine National Park

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

My name is Lionel Salomao Chongo, I am originally from Mozambique, from the Mabalane village. I am loving father of four children. My qualifications are as follows: I have completed my grade 12 at Mabalane Secondary school, I then went on to complete the Basic Field Ranger Training at the Southern African Wildlife College in 2010. I was fortunate to later be sent for re-training in field ranger training at the Banhine National Park in 2015. I have since then completed training in planning and financial management at Maputo in 2017 and I have experience in German exchange, as I was involved with a programme during 2016 to 2017.

Jaime Chilaluque

Section Ranger from Maputo National Park

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

I started my career as a field ranger in 2007, I obtained my training at the field ranger training center in Gorongosa National Park. In 2009 I joined the Supervisory Board in the Maputo Special Reserve. I am now currently working for Maputo National Park as section ranger.

Castigo Chauque

Team Leader from Limpopo National Park

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

My name is Castigo Saimone Chauque, I am 32 years old. I passed my grade 10 at the Chicualacuala Secondary and completed my grade 12 in Mabalane Secondary school. I started working at the Limpopo National Park in the year 2013. I have nine years of experience, I was appointed to be team leader in the same year (2013) and have remained a team leader ever since.

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