Schools Educational Initiatives

In July, the SAWC supported the Ludlow Career Guidance workshop. This was done in collaboration with local NGOs, various government departments such as the Department of Health and the Department of Basic Education, educators, parents, as well as community leaders. The purpose of this workshop was to encourage the youth to partake in programmes that prioritize them. The workshop also aimed to motivate the youth to focus on subjects that will create or open more opportunities for them. Supporting local educational initiatives is at the heart of the unit’s work. Participation in career guidance workshops presents a unique opportunity to highlight the value of education and discuss careers available in conservation whilst raising awareness about environmental issues and opportunities existing in the landscape. 

Under the PACE banner, the RISE team of environmental educators celebrated Mandela Day by running a full day of community and sustainability celebrations at Kahlela Primary School where they were joined by 100 grade 5, 6 and 7 learners. The learners had sessions and activities on responsible water use in water scare environments. This was followed by a clean-up campaign to make their school and neighbourhood clean. The school’s grade 7 Eco-Club also received seeds to plant in the school’s food garden.    

The Coaching Conservation (CC) programme was fortunate to receive support from the Swiss-based organization, Friends of African Wildlife, who committed to supporting 100 learners on the Coaching Conservation programme. Over the June – September period, four groups of 25 learners from Kahlela, Welverdiend, Mtembeni, and Mahlekisana Primary Schools came to the College for the overnight Bush RAP where they learnt about rhinos from our team of passionate coaches. All the learning is directed toward inspiring a generation of children who care and have respect for themselves, each other, and the environment they find themselves in. 

In partnership with Lessons in Conservation (LIC), we had the opportunity to participate in the educational run for the second year. We also had twelve (12) learners from Mtembeni, Mahlekisana, Muchuchi, and Welverdiend Primary Schools come to the College for environmental education sessions conducted by LIC. LIC is a youth-led organization that strives to leave our natural world in a better place than we found it. They believe that educating young children in rural communities will lead to a generation that grows up to love and accept conservation and the natural world. 

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