Responsible Resource Use & Field Guiding

The Responsible Resource Use and Field Guiding Department works with ring-fenced funding, and recognises the fact that within conservation, the concept of sustainable utilisation is an essential element, especially in certain countries in Africa.

The responsible use of Africa’s wildlife resources is essential to their conservation. The training programmes and various other short courses offered by the Responsible Resource Use and Field Guiding Department are built on four pillars:

  • A thorough understanding of conservation management grounded in sustainable use and conservation principles.
  • A mastery of the knowledge and skills needed to become a competent guide and tracker with a deep understanding of the natural environment. This encompasses not only a thorough knowledge of animals but also all other elements within their natural ecosystems and how they interact and affect each other.
  • Acquisition of the other skills required to become a competent hunting guide and operator. This includes how to effectively and efficiently manage hunting equipment, and how to communicate with and guide a client, and how to manage the necessary logistics.
  • Transparency – From the outset the SAWC has striven to work closely with all interested and affected parties to ensure the sharing of ideas and compliance within the relevant training requirements and the legal framework.

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