Reaching our campaign target – what a wonderful milestone!

We are so excited to let you know that we have reached our K9 medical aid campaign target. This is thanks to all the donors who contributed either directly or via GivenGain as champions of our K9 Unit. 

Designed to raise funds for medical aid cover on all the dogs at the K9 unit, the campaign commenced in December 2020 and in February 2021 received a further boost over the Valentine’s day period. We asked people to spread the word and the love for these dogs who do so much to help protect our threatened wildlife, especially our rhinos. 

Our heartfelt thanks to each and every one who donated. Special thanks must also go to the Druain family whose support has been absolutely amazing, as well as to Wild Wonderful World, Mats Berghom, Jo Devenish, Our Horn is NOT medicine donors and Blankets for Baby Rhinos who helped boost the coffers through their generous donations. 

Our target was to cover 30 dogs at R400 per dog over 12 months. We now, with some dogs being moved to other areas to make an impact there and with the additional litter of eight, have 35 dogs that require cover. Thanks to the Bedfordview Running Club who generously supported the fun run held at the College, we have been able to cover our K9 security fencing requirements and also provide the additional funding required to ensure all 35 of our K9 heroes are covered.

In thanking these donors, it would also be remiss not to thank all our K9 Unit donors especially those donors who help keep the K9 unit operational.This includes the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, Tusk Trust, Friends of African Wildlife, the International Rhino Foundation and our newest supporter My School My Planet My Village as well as Pack Leader, who generously continue providing our unit with all their nutritional requirements via Orijen dog food to ensure they stay fit and strong.

These incredible working dogs require a great deal of training and care to ensure they are able to operate at their optimal levels. It is only thanks to our committed donors that we, with the support of these dogs, our planes and our ranger teams, are able to continue making a difference in the fight against poaching and wildlife crime.   

Over the last few months we have seen a resurgence in rhino poaching in the greater Kruger area. We will continue to do everything we can to support counter poaching efforts so that we are able to make a difference in this ongoing scourge. Thank you for helping us and our K9 unit, especially our free tracking dogs who have been the game changer, to do just that!!! 

PS – Just to let you all know “Rhino” one of our tracking hounds who got bitten by a snake, and who we reported on in the last issue of our Wildlife Guardian News, has miraculously made a full recovery. Thanks to his proactive carers at the K9 Unit and with the exhaustive efforts of ProVet, he is back out, nose to the ground, doing what he loves! What a warrior!