Sponsor Paulo Antonio Condjo

Supervisor at fence construction and maintenance project from Maputo National Park

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

After completing my schooling, my career in conservation started in May 2007 when I went to attend a basic training course for field rangers at Gorongosa National Park for three months. I got there due to a selection made by the Ministry of Tourism at the time, now, Ministry of land and environment through a training plan they had, for Banhine National Parque, Gaza province where I worked from July 2007 to February 2008. I applied to be transfered to the nearest conservation area, Maputo Special Reserve at the time, now, Maputo National Park, where I am currently working. It had been privilege for me to participate in a field ranger unarmed course and emergency care by the African Field Ranger Training Services. In 2016 I was invited to work in the infrastructure department as a tractor driver and I supervised the fence construction and maintenance project where I am now a supervisor, managing about 25 seasonal workers.

Suggested price: R80,000.00

Minimum price: R100.00

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