Sponsor Morris Kondile

Field Ranger from Tsolwana Nature Reserve

National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

I started working in the organisation in April 2017 as a hunting casual for a six (6) month period, then in 2018 I participated in the Youth Environmental Services programme (YES) for a period of seven (7) months where I was working as a Field Ranger. I feet a huge impact in my life when I looked back and took notice of how great my passion for conservation is. I really enjoyed the field duties I was placed on. Then in July 2018 I was awarded a permanent post as a general assistant (maintenance) for a period of two and half years. Where I have learned more about maintenance duties: Infrastructure management, grounds maintenance, water management, fence maintenance and so on. In July 2020 I was placed as a field ranger, and I am in this position currently. I perform law enforcement duties, environmental education and community services, fire management, game management and general administration. I am very proud to have been awarded a field ranger of the year award for 2021. This is where I want to develop on. I also have the relevant training and certificates which follows: Fire Arm Competency (Certificate), Leadership Certificate and Field Ranger of the year 2021.

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