Sponsor Bethwell Siza Malaza

Bethwell Siza Malaza

National Certificate in Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

Hard-working Field Ranger with a 10-year-plan to reach leadership in the field of natural resource management.

“Our biggest priority as Field Rangers is to protect the rhino before it is too late. We also need to focus on teaching the younger generation to value wildlife and make sure they benefit from conserving it.”

Bethwell has big dreams of reaching the top in the field of conservation, so that he will have the power to effect real change in his community. As a SAWC-trained Field Ranger with over 10 years’ experience, his work has been on the front line of anti-poaching.

Leading patrols, implementing law enforcement, and carrying out data capturing in the field have given him insight into the importance of biodiversity management. Now, through his National Certificate in Natural Resource Management at the College, Bethwell will be better equipped to share information and encourage participation from his community.

Suggested price: R75,000.00

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