Sponsor Benjamin Kapala

Benjamin Kapala

National Certificate in Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

A Wildlife Police Officer with 15 years of experience leading anti-poaching patrols and mitigating human-wildlife conflict in protected areas in Zambia and Malawi.

“When I leave the Southern African Wildlife College, I will be equipped with information and techniques for managing conservation challenges at home and will be able to share what I have learned with my team.”

Benjamin’s role as a Senior Wildlife Police Officer makes him responsible for planning and leading counter poaching operations in Liuwa Plains National Park, managed by African Parks and Zambia’s Department of Wildlife and National Parks. He also performs the crucial role of mentoring junior and fellow law enforcement officers in the organisation.

The knowledge and skills Benjamin will learn from his training at the College will support his important role in reducing human-wildlife conflict, pollution, and uncontrolled fires on park borders. He will be equipped to perform best practice in conducting anti-poaching patrols and monitoring biodiversity, while developing his potential as a regional leader in conservation.

Benjamin requires support towards the R75 000 needed for his bursary. This is an amount that he does not have access to personally, which is why the SAWC as a non-profit organisation is calling upon a network of donors and supporters to help raise these funds. By donating any amount, large or small, you are playing a crucial role in helping Benjamin receive the best possible training for his career in conservation.

Suggested price: R75,000.00

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