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What we’re about: The SAWC marketing brochure

"A world centre of excellence in conservation education, training and skills development"

“A world centre of excellence in conservation education, training and skills development”

Through conservation education, training and skills development, the Southern African Wildlife College seeks to give protected area managers the motivation and skills they need to become partners in saving our continent’s natural heritage.

All training comprises theory as well as practical skills and has been developed in close collabo- ration with conservation agencies and, where relevant, with community participation. We also work closely with the various qualification authorities and other training institutions to ensure that the students have maximum flexibility of career path. As an accredited training institute, the Wildlife College has aligned its curricula with the standards of the South African Qualifica- tions Authority (SAQA) and the National Qualifications Framework to ensure both national and international recognition.

Unlike other training institutions the College does not employ a large permanent staff, but con- tracts in practicing professionals with the relevant experience to ensure that the training is as practical, relevant and as current as possible.

The training programmes offered by the College cover the full spectrum of skills needed by field staff and managers of protected areas. The course methodology focuses on highly participatory, outcomes-based instruction, which ensures improved performance when learners implement these skills in the workplace.

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