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"The Southern African Wildlife College key strategies and targets"

“The Southern African Wildlife College key strategies and targets”

The SAWC aims to:

  • Provide and develop high quality, informative and inspiring courses for protected area managers and other parties.
  • Provide accreditation of training courses that will attain recognition in their own right but will also complement and link into a spectrum of protected area natural resource management training options available in southern Africa.
  • Use training as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas, information, and expertise in order to promote cooperation between conservation organisations and cultures.
  • Promote an integrated approach to the management of natural resource and protected areas that is appropriate to Africa; focusing especially on the role of local communities and other stakeholders in the sustainable management of resources.
  • To train and develop people to manage newly created Trans-frontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) in a manner which will be regionally and nationally consistent and will encourage the management of natural resources in a sustainable and culturally acceptable manner. This in turn will empower, uplift and capacity-build communities associated with the TFCA’s with the aim of making a substantial impact in terms of addressing economic and unemployment issues.
  • Be a dynamic, flexible and service-orientated organisation which aims to become a role model for socially and environmentally responsible development.
  • To promote and support the work of the College by providing customized educational programmes suited to the international community who have an interest in wildlife, conservation and the environment. This includes customized education programmes for schools, universities and other groups.