Sharmain Hanekom

Sharmain Hanekom

Executive Manager: Finance

“Life is about leaving a legacy: will you have been an asset or liability on the balance sheet of life?”


Sharmain, a qualified Cost and Management Accountant from the Vaal University of Technology, joined the SAWC team in 2009 as Financial Manager.

Sharmain lived a number of years in Gauteng and worked as senior accountant in the hospitality industry before relocating to Hoedspruit.  Sharmain is a woman with a high set of ethics and values, whose integrity is above reproach. She quickly moved up the ranks within the College to become the Executive Manager: Finance and Corporate Governance.

Sharmain manages to balance her love for her family effortlessly with the pressures of managing the finances for the College, which is an extremely busy non-profit with some of the most complex financial rules, especially in respect of VAT, that you can find. She manages her team with a light hand and believes in solution driven answers. Sharmain is passionate about animals and owns several pets, who together with her family, are what provides the much needed contrast to her fast paced role.

Sharmain thrives in the College environment, facing the diverse challenges head on, and managing these at strategic level, using an adaptive management style. Analytical by nature she has a truly compassionate heart.


  • BTECH Cost and Management Accounting (CMA) Vaal University of Technology