Marilize van der Walt

Marilize van der Walt

Critical Skills for Conservation Consultant

“So artists melt the sullen ore of lead, by heaping coals of fire upon its head; In the kind warmth the metal learns to glow, and pure from dross the silver runs below.” Samuel Wesley


I have been with the college for eight years and have grown in understanding the needs between senior, middle and operational management to advice towards better synergy and training required. In general, I have a solutions driven view toward organisational functioning, looking for the needs that would create a better working model within the organisations vision and mandate. Within the context of the Southern African Wildlife College and regional stakeholders, I have stepped into the management role to bring cutting edge themed programs and training to the African region by introducing upcoming professionals in the understanding our conservation dilemmas and take up hands with those in the industry working toward a common purpose for the good of all.

Along with other managers, I endeavour to build training programs with applied learning approaches that allows for the development of relevant and applicable monitoring and evaluation on which sound decision making could rest. With this background, we endeavour to build relationships with conservation organisations to bring capacity building training that would assist with synergy and effective management to fulfil the mandate of the organisation within a region.

I also lead the development of bespoke programs that includes designing and implementing tailored programs for student groups, organisations and government groups that function within the various spheres of conservation. Many groups visit our region to learn what makes the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier region function in all its various spheres, and it’s my passion to engage groups that require educational, theoretical and practical exposure in as many of these spheres on some of today’s most critical conservation issues. The aim of these programs could be to broaden one understanding of the current conservation issues or for brainstorming and planning purposes. Marilize has a BTech in Nature Conservation (TUT), with a background in Nature and Cultural Guiding.


  • BTech in Nature Conservation (TUT)