Lesley Greyling

Lesley Greyling

Head: Human Resources for the Southern African Wildlife College


Lesley’s passion for people, consistency and equity led to her career in human resources. She first entered the industry in the turbulent 1980s where she delved into the conflict in the mining industry in South Africa, and as a result she has a wealth of experience to share and recognises that there is always much more to learn.

Lesley’s sense of humour is a constant in her life and helps her to rise above and navigate through challenges in both her professional and personal life. She is happiest when sharing her experiences, skills and knowledge to help others grow and develop. It is this passion that has made her into an accomplished speaker and facilitator. 

Lesley’s place of work in the bush has ignited a passion for learning all about the natural world. She is content to have found a place where she can bring her passion and skill set together.