Khuthadzo Nethengwe

Khuthadzo Nethengwe

Planner, Peace Parks Foundation


Khuthadzo is a bright and positive conservationist with an appetite for new experiences. She has been employed at Peace Parks Foundation for four years, where she is currently employed as a Planner with an array of responsibilities. 

Khuthadzo’s introduction to environmental education in primary schooI was through geography, science, and biology, and since then she has never looked back. Her passion for nature and the environmental sciences made her decision to study at University an easy one. She extended her knowledge through her tertiary education and has always been led by her belief that every living thing has a right to “be” just as human beings do. 

She is very passionate about her job and the work it enables her to do. Her responsibilities include supporting her team in spatialisation and visualisation in various forms of vector and raster data to aid in decision making. In short, her job requires her to plan and create maps, which are used to portray different landscapes that are to be incorporated in environmental planning.

Additionally, as a Planner, Khuthadzo creates concept notes, management plans, business plans, land-use plans, tourism development plans, to mention a few. She and her team work alongside the government sectors and communities to create the necessary documents that assist in managing natural and cultural resources. 

Khuthadzo is motivated by her supportive family and a husband who indulges her curiosities. In her free time, she enjoys reading Epics, practicing yoga and hiking.