Kelvin Sikagoma

Kelvin Sikagoma

Wildlife Police Officer, Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Zambia


Having joined conservation at a tender of 22 years, Kelvin has grown to be a seasoned leader that many people look up to as a role model, his abilities to motivate, mentor as well as nurture others. Previously Kelvin has served in three different national parks as a wildlife police officer, Lower Zambezi, South Luangwa and Lochinvar. The varying nature of landscape, biodiversity and culture has exposed him to a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience.

Notable among Kelvins outstanding works is his contribution to the fight against elephant poaching in the Lower Zambezi National Park during which time the ivory poaching levels dropped sharply. As a result oriented law enforcement officer, he worked sacrificially and led numerous patrol groups, driving teams to achieving goals.

Having demonstrated excellence in his duties, the Zambia Wildlife Authority moved him to the southern region ( Lochinvar National Park) in 2014, where he was given a new challenge, to save the Kafue Lechwe from extinction, which was already on IUCN red list. This has been another great achievement as species numbers are on the rise again. Apart from working for Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Kelvin is a member of the National Anti-Poaching Task Force comprising all security wings.

He recently completed the counter illegal Wildlife Trade Course delivered by the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles, 11th Infantry Brigade, of The British Army.

He is a holder of an advanced certificate in nature conservation and Tranfrontier Management obtained in 2019 at Southern African Wildlife college-South Africa. He earlier obtained Higher Certificate in Nature Conservation and Leadership Implementation at the same college.

At entry level, he trained as a wildlife police officer African Wildlife College, Mfuwe-Zambia.

Kelvin is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in business administration with Sunningdale University-Zambia. He is married to Prudence with whom he bore three children. He is a Christian and quiet active in church programs. Participating in and organising community sports is what occupies his free time.