Joseph Kasungo Buchane

Joseph Kasungo Buchane

Employer: Ministry of Environment and Tourism - Namibia Position: Park Warden

Natural Resource Management

This report serves as an update for my progress after completing my final year in Advanced Certificate, at the Southern African Wildlife College.

The qualification that I received from the college, the Advanced Certificate in Nature Conservation, has awarded me an opportunity to be accepted to further my studies, to a Bachelor degree in Natural Resource Managements NQA level 7 at NUST: Namibia University of Science and Technology.  It is one of the biggest universities in Namibia and only the best are accepted there and I cannot thank the college enough because it I weren’t for the SAWC, I would not have been accepted there.  I was exempted from doing modules that I had already completed at the college in 2018.  I am still waiting for my results and hoping to graduate this year (2020).

This January I was promoted from being a senior ranger to a position of a Park Warden and moved to Katima Mulilo Region where I manage four parks in the anti-poaching division.  I work with the police to combat poaching of rhinos, elephant for their tusks and pangolin.  This is a huge responsibility that the ministry has trusted me with, I am ready because I have been prepared for this position since the first day I set my foot at the Southern African Wildlife College.

I also take this opportunity to thank the Southern African Wildlife College, for the wonderful job that they are doing.  The college offers the best quality education, with competent staff members and experienced lecturers. The college has changed my life, both professionally and personally. 

Thank you also to my sponsor for the financial support provided. All my achievements today are possible because of you. I will always be grateful to you and please continue to support more students at the college.  You are making a difference in our lives.